Saturday, June 05, 2021

Pine Cove Camp 2021

This is my oldest daughter. Like any child, she's incredibly special, and it can be hard to put her into words. 

And because I love her so much, I can't even stop myself from posting BOTH of these pictures of her this morning, out with me on the farm as the sun was rising before 7am. 

And while I find it very hard to put her into words, her camp counselor, after just five days with her, was able to put her into these three words above -- which truly highlight her nearly perfectly.

Both my daughters just finished a week at Pine Cove Cam, hosted by my church: First Christian Church Greeneville. This is the second year we've had an opportunity to be involved with this amazing "traveling" camp, and I seriously cannot put into words how impressed I am with every aspect of what this camp does.

Three years ago, our church decided to stop doing "traditional" VBS camps. Instead, they "hired" Pine Cove to come to our church and put on a camp. The first time, my oldest three went. Then came a year off with COVID. And now this year. The boys are too old, Abigail could return, and Hannah could attend for the first time.

From the moment you pull into the property, these counselors are demonstrating more energy than I could have ever thought possible for 9am in the morning. I got a video of our "morning arrival" here. 

I love that my girls were sad the week was over and so blessed by the opportunity they had to attend!

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