Monday, June 21, 2021

Anni moves to K-Town

My friend Stebbs said she is going to call our little town here in East TN, K-Town after Kitsteiner-Town. That might be a little extreme, but we are excited to have so many people we know and love moving around us. When we moved to Bulls Gap, the eight of us raised the population by a whole percent. (Not hard when the population is 800.) Here's some other people who have moved to Greene County. (Most are not going to be in Bulls Gap proper, but we still consider them right-next-door.)

  • My cousin Eddie and Hannah moved about ten minutes from us three years ago. They are in Mosheim. 
  • Eddie's parents, my Aunt Jan and Uncle Ed, moved here last year. They are currently renting a little trailer while they build a home in Greeneville. 
  • My parents bought a home in the big ol' city of Greeneville that is currently under renovation. They hope to split time between South Florida and here as my Mom joins my Dad in semi-retirement.
  • John's sister and her husband: (a different) Eddie and Katie bought land that borders our farm at the top of the mountain! They hope to be here sometime in early 2022. 
  • We had good friends purchase a property down the road from us that they hope to use for vacations and as a rental property.
  • (I have another good friend considering a similar purchase of a vacation property as well.)
  • My friend Erin and her two kiddos will be residing on our farm for about 6-8 months starting in August. Her husband is deploying, and they are going to rent a little piece of our property to get to "live the farm life" while their Daddy is far away. This is a great family, and I'm super excited about this.
  • And last but NOT LEAST is Anni!!! She and her foster daughter (whom I cannot post photos of) have officially moved to our little town as of yesterday! This is so incredible for us. She purchased land and is working at a children's home in Greeneville! We cannot believe we are going to get to have Anni right around the corner from us now. (Hopefully, forever!)

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