Tuesday, June 22, 2021

A farm poem (while battling for my mental health!)

To my trusty sideklick jumpin' line

My loyal help

My dog at my side.

And the nearly full moon in the waining sky

As I feed the chickens

and bid them g'night.

The sheep in their paddock resting comfy and sweet

At peace in the night air

Baa'ing quietly to sleep.

I thank the human that learned to breed chickens

That are big and fat 

And born to help feed us.

And I'm proud of the scarecrow my husband created

To outsmart those owls

That tried to lament us!

My son in his hammock reading at leisure

The breeze softly blowing

As the rain brings us treasure. 

I've been stopping more moments in the quickness of farming

To love on my land

And the serenity it brings me.

It isn't as slow or as calm as I'd like

And many a day

I think "I'm done with this life."

But when I take the time to look at the life all around me

I see God's sweet touch in our pastures

And the gift -- oh so sweet.

Tomorrow's a new day; The animals won't wait

But this land is my home

And it's hills are my place.

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