Sunday, June 27, 2021

We Bought a Farm: So much learning

This life is HARD with a capital H. Slow life? Yeah, right. If you want a farm to settle down into retirement, think again. What you really want is one potted plant and a cat. 

Life with four kids on a farm, homeschooling, isn't nearly as slow as I dreamed. It will take a Type A controlling personality (like someone I know) and flip her upside down and throw her out sideways. Plan A never works on a farm. That isn't being a pessimist. It's just the gosh darn truth.

But, ohhh, the things my kids get to do. The life they live. Anni took Hannah with her to milk the goats today. And here's the video they took. PLEASE watch it to the end when Hannah goes to say something but it appears she is the one making the goat noises!

When I think of throwing in the towel, I think of moments like this and the good outweighs the bad (most of the time).

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