Monday, June 07, 2021

Losing in Chess

Sidge snagged these pictures of me attempting to beat my eldest in Chess. 

Truth: he beats me nearly every time.

Truth: if I stand a chance, I have to concentrate very hard.

Truth: While I can sometimes get all the way down to a "win", I stink at preventing a draw!

Truth: Who invented this game? I mean, it has to be the best game of all time? Would anyone argue that?

It's summertime here. School is done for the next two months. So I am trying to spend my days playing games with the kids, getting some long-overdue organizing around the house done, and of course, the farm calls our name even louder in the heat of the summer. 

I have begun to recognize that May may be the hardest month for me on the farm. I think it's because the farm has started to pick up for the June/July push, but I'm still trying to educate my children. We haven't completely finished schoolwork, and yet, the farm is requiring my presence more and more.

June, on the other hand, is actually an easier month than May because the pull to both things has ceased a bit. The kids don't need me for their education. The farm needs me more. 

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TAV said...

Our six-year-old, Iver, can beat us adults in chess! It's truly amazing. It's such a great game to teach young kids (I wish I'd learned to play sooner than adulthood!). I just watched Netflix's "The Queen's Gambit." It is intense and heartbreaking with some dark themes, but a very well done mini-series if you like chess!