Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Family from Turkey

I am SO glad we are no longer in the military. 

But when I say that, I am in no way implying I am not grateful for my time that we were in the military.

For us: the moving, the good byes, the lack of predictability, the bureaucracy ... seven years was all I could take of that life.

But ohhhh the people we met during those seven years of life. 

To this day, I consider people in the military individuals that I need to take care of. If you are PCS'ing through (permanent change of station), you have a place on our farm, and I will make sure you can regroup and unwind. People did it for us. We will do it for them. That's just how the military is. That's how it's people are. We are a resilient bunch. And while the word is flocked with complicated connotations, in the end, that word means we will push onward. We will utilize connections and resources. We will do the next thing even when we think we can't.

We were stationed on Eglin Air Force Base from 2007-1010. This is where we got our dog, adopted our first son, and had our surprise Elijah "Sidge." From 2010-2012 we were in Turkey. This was where we brought Abigail home to. And from 2012-2014 we occupied a home on an island in the middle of the Atlantic on Lajes Air Force Base. This was the first home our Hannah ever had. 

While all of those places was home, it is Turkey that occupies the largest chunk of my heart. I could write pages and pages on our life there. It is etched permanently on the recesses of my heart. It's language is one I came to speak. It's culture one I embraced. 

Sarah. William. Graham. (And Ryan who wasn't here with them.) Part of our family. Sweetness.

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