Thursday, June 24, 2021

Car Wall

I have decided, as therapy from this COVID year, to write a book on our family's experiences with this virus. I have no idea if I will finish it or I will publish it, but I hope to!

In the meantime, my Blog posts may be a little less writing and a bit more quick posts about our life. It's the best way I can come up with to keep my Blog going, but to focus on my writing right now. The more Blogging I do . . . the less writing I do!

So here is the current adventure on our farm. My amazing husband fashioned this wall mount on the boys' bedroom wall with 250+ cars! (Our Isaac is a HUGE collector of these cars. He saves his own money to buy them! Many stay in the packaging, but the ones that don't, needed a display.) 

Here is a video of us putting the finishing touches on it and here is the finished product and some of the preparation in the garage:

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