Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Chapter 7: Back Dosling/Guck

We are going to be doing a science experiment around these parts. First, we must formulate a hypothesis. If a goose hatches a duck egg and thinks that the little baby is her gosling, will the bird grow up to be more duck-like because of its nature ... or will it grow up to be more goose-like because of its nurture. 

It reminds me of a favorite book in our house: A Blessing from Above which details the story of a kangaroo that adopts a little blue bird. 

As an adoptive-family, I am constantly amazed by the lessons I witness and could give on nature vs. 

Here's the truth: there are things my son that does not share my DNA does that remind me so much of his birthmother. A movement he makes. A facial expression. A look. 

And then, he'll do something that makes me think: he's definitely a Kitsteiner

And now, we will have the opportunity to see how this works with ducks and geese! 

So fun!

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