Sunday, August 12, 2018

Look at our Abigail!

This chick LOVES ballet. This chick LOVES gymnastics. This chick works SOOOO hard on things. She doesn't quit until she reaches her goal. Earlier this year, we started gymnastics. It's a homeschool class that meets on Tuesday afternoon. The boys do it with her although they aren't big fans at all. We are "making" them do it because they need it. Abigail, however, is flipping and tumbling non-stop. And she's been wanting to get her back handspring for weeks now.

Right before I took this video, Abigail did it with a spot from her teacher. Her teacher actually said: "I think you are eating too many of your mama's eggs. I think you are a chicken!" Abigail didn't want to try it without her teacher spotting her even though her teacher wasn't really doing anything at all.

Following that, Abigail debated and debated and finally decided to give it a whirl. This video is the result. So proud of her! SO fun to watch this little girl blossom and grow and come out of her shell. She's such a sweet and spunky sprite of a girl!

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