Sunday, August 12, 2018

We Bought a Farm: So Long Admiral

Our very favorite ram, Admiral, died.

I went out to check on Admiral and his buddy Captain and discovered him in the paddock. A death to a healthy animal is usually the result of some sort of toxic encounter. Unfortunately, we realized too late, that there was a mimosa tree in their paddock. We didn't know that it had pods. We also didn't know that if rams ingest too many of these pods, they can die. While we can't be absolutely sure this is what killed Admiral, we are pretty sure.

It is really stinky to lose such a prized ram. Not only was he a good ram, but he was a nice ram. He also followed a bucket of alfalfa well which is always helpful when moving animals from paddock to paddock.

Tijmen and JB moved him up into the woods. We try to not waste any "meat" on our farm so we give this animal to the meat-eating animals in the woods.

This life can be so hard. So emotional. So sad. So wonderful. So exciting. So disappointing. You cannot control everything that goes on. You have to do your best and move on.

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