Sunday, August 05, 2018

Getting to hear Mr. Tijmen sing!

Mr. Tijmen let me record him playing this song for our mutual friend Veronica as it is one of her favorite songs. He's been playing guitar for us for quite some time, but he finally let us hear his singing voice.

I have spoken with some of you personally about how this young man has touched all of our lives as we have opened our home and our Lord to Him. I know that while he will return to The Netherlands in a few weeks, he will always have a home with us here in the USA.

Truly, Mr. Tijmen has become a part of our family, and we really love him like a member of our family. It's been such a joy to get to have him help on our farm and join us in our lives for the last year and a half. (This is the third visit he has made to our farm since he first came about 18 months ago.)

He will be starting University in the fall so it will probably be quite some time until we see him again! He is absolutely a favorite person to all of our kids. The girls love to swing with him and play music with him and climb all over him. The boys love to play board games!

P.S. Mr. Tijmen has never been to jail even though that's what he is signing about!

Sorry, in the video below, hearing me yell at one of the kids to close the box of cookies :) But here he is playing guitar with Hannah:

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Debbie said...

My goodness, he has a fantastic voice!