Saturday, July 15, 2017

We Bought a Farm: The One Animal We Don't Have

So I took pictures of all my kids on our recent field trip to the Humane Society, but no big surprise, only Abigail's turned out. This kid never takes a bad picture. And my other kiddos, while equally cute in my eyes, don't seem to get so lucky with my photography skills:

My friend Erin actually suggested this field trip. The Humane Society is right across the street from where we take tennis so we decided to meet there right before tennis started. My kids all love animals, but Sidge, especially, is just a fanatic about animals. Abigail also loves them a lot, but she is still second to Sidge in his love for all things animal. (Currently they want to live on the farm forever and open up a veterinarian clinic on the farm.) In particular, all my kids have expressed interest in cats. We have nearly every other animal there is, and maybe that is why they are so stuck on having a cat. 

Cats are a no-go for us mostly because JB is allergic to them and also because we just don't want to deal with another animal right now and trying to get them acclimated to our dogs. We have a few stray cats who visit our farm, and we let them do their mousing thing without a bother from us. But we just don't want to have to feed and get vet care for anything else right now. Our dogs are plenty!

Man did my kiddos have a BLAST at the humane society in the "cat room." It was filled with cats and kittens, and they just loved hanging out with these cats. The people who worked there encouraged us to come back and play with the cats. My kids have only asked me about 1,000 times since we left when they can go back so I think it will be a regular occurrence for us. It's always fun to find something everyone loves that is FREE!

Thanks Erin for the great tip!!

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