Sunday, July 30, 2017

Online Shower for Ryan and Briana Huisman

After eight years of marriage and FIVE years waiting to be matched as parents, Ryan and Briana are having a baby boy!!!! Unlike some parents who have nine months to prepare, this amazing couple has only a matter of weeks. Their little man will be making an appearance August 8th (or sooner!)

I really want to help the amazing couple prepare for this incredibly exciting time in their life with an online shower. Whether you know them personally or not, would you consider purchasing something off their registry to try and help make this transition even smoother? Every small item will help make this excitingly overwhelming time easier. Ryan and Briana have ZERO things for a baby. When you deal with infertility for this long, you don't fill your house with hopeful items. You empty it of any reminders.


Simply go to BABIES R US  and type in their registry number: 59759202.
You can also search by Briana Huisman as well. 
They live in Windsor, Colorado which you will see on the registry.

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