Thursday, July 06, 2017

My night

Last night JB worked the night. We've been just having a hard time when he is on nights. The kids are more scared, I'm more fatigued, and things just seem to not go as smoothly with the Dad gone.

As per our custom, I let the kiddos sleep in different places with JB gone.

(FYI: I am rethinking that policy.)

Abigail slept in bed with me. Hannah slept, as usual, in her little bed which is in our room because the girls' room is under construction. And the boys slept on the sofas in the living room.

  • 2:00am  I wake up and cannot find Abigail. I find her sleeping on the floor next to my bed. No idea why.
  • 2:30am  Isaac comes in and says: "Sidge is asleep." I say: "Of course he is. It's night." And Isaac says: "I'm afraid if he is asleep." I tell him to go ahead and just sleep in Abigail's spot since she moved to the floor. 
  • 3:00am Abigail wakes up and tells me Isaac has stolen her spot. I explain that she was asleep on the floor. She had no idea why so I am thinking she fell? I tell her just to sleep in between Isaac and me. 
  • 3:30am Sidge comes in and says he is all alone in the living room. I tell him to pull a mat under my bed out and sleep on that.
  • 4:00am Isaac tells me he needs a breathing treatment.
  • 4:01am Mom loses her MIND!
  • 7:00am I wake up and walk out into living room to find that the dogs have thrown-up in their sleeping kennel.
  • 7:30am JB comes home from night shift, we say good bye to our wonderful WWOOFer Timothy, and I head out to do animal chores. 
Let the day begin!

That kind of fatigue is NOT good for a mom. Seriously. I tried not to be crabby, but I just couldn't help it. It truly started me off on a bad foot.

Good thing Wimbledon was on to distract me for a bit! :)

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