Saturday, July 29, 2017

Review: I'll Push You

This book tells the story of Justin and Patrick. They are friends nearly from birth, and together they embark on the trip of a lifetime. As adults, Justin is now in a wheelchair -- the result of a neuromuscular disease. But when he wants to try and walk the Camino de Santiago -- 500 miles through Spain -- Patrick agrees to walk it for him and push him the entire way.

Here are just a few of the things I loved about this book:
  • FRIENDSHIP! These guys are true friends. You don't see this among men very often. They love each other. Truly. And it is really refreshing to see. To be honest, it was almost a bit uncomfortable for me to read about in the beginning, but I realized that was because of what society has done to me in regards to male friendships.
  • COMMUNITY! I loved watching people come around these two men to help them on this journey. People they had never met. Strangers that popped in and then popped out of their adventure. 
  • FAITH! These two guys love the Lord, and they share about that in their writing. This includes sharing about some past sins that have dominated both of their lives.
  • ADVENTURE! I love a good book about conquering something. This was one of those books. I am inspired, and now I want to walk the Camino some day too.
I passed off this book to one of our farm volunteers who is reading it, and as hooked as I am with the idea of actually doing this trek. In addition, I can't wait to see the documentary about this as well. 

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