Sunday, July 16, 2017

Happy Sixth Birthday Blondie!

On July 16, 2011, our little girl, Abigail Grace, was born in Landstuhl, Germany. John was stationed in Turkey, and because my previous delivery had been quite problematic and especially when I went into what they "thought" was premature labor at 31 weeks, I was sent to Germany, where there was a NICU and better care for myself and for Abigail. Abigail ended up waiting until her scheduled c-section date to make her debut. Here is a picture of my mom. She and my father flew to Germany for her birth:

And here is a picture of our little miracle just a few days ago:

Here is a poem that John's mother wrote for Abigail's birthday:

Abigail, today is six!
Full of fun and lots of tricks!
Dances like a bird in the sky -- 
Fluttering gracefully as she glides by!

Her smiles and giggles light up her face!
As she dreams up adventures -- 
Whether monster trucks or lace!

Gentle and sweet, she loves to color and read!
For a young lady of six, she's all we need!

So have a wonderful day, 
dear Abigail Grace
For no one else can take your place!

Grampa and Grama 

We never thought we would be parents. And then, after adopting Isaac and finding out about Elijah "Sidge", we definitely thought that two boys was all we would ever have. To find out we were having a little girl was quite overwhelming to us after so many years of childlessness. And oh, have you been such a special light in our lives. Your spunk and spirit and sweetness and shyness combine to make you one incredibly awesome little girl. We love your love for ballet and are enjoying watching you take up piano and tennis. Thank you for being our sweet spitfire. WE LOVE YOU!

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