Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Early Birthday Party

Keith and his wife, AD, and their three kiddos headed home today. But over the next few days, I'll be posting some more photos of our time together. Our kids are such great friends. There is absolutely NO fighting amongst the cousins. (Still fighting between siblings of course.) They just play ... hard ... all day long. We had an absolutely wonderful visit and are so blessed they can take time off during the summer to do this. In the past, AD worked a job that was heavy in the summer, while Keith had lighter summers. But she has just become a full-time-stay-at-home-mom and so we are hopeful summers at the farm will be a regular occurrence.

Abigail will turn SIX on July 16. But we wanted to have a little party with her cousins. Here are a few pictures from the party.

Pre-party fun

Time for decorating cupcakes. Love my sister-in-law for heading this up. It is no my gift.

No big surprise. Hannah licking a knife. 

Baylee. Such a sweet spirit and precious girl.

This little girl continues to amaze and bless me. I still can't believe I am her mom.

The one picture I took came out dark. This is our new WWOOFer, Hayley. She is a college student from Florida, and we are REALLY enjoying having her. She jumped in to help with decorating.

Hannah .... pourin' it on.

Later that evening it was time for singing with the cupcakes AND an Oreo ice cream cake (so Isaac can partake.)

Baylee looks so cute here. She and Abigail are just a half year apart and really great friends!

He just got his hair cut. Looks so old!

Riddick is such a cutie.

Little doll!


Isaac and his ice cream cake.

Papa and Grama Di got Abigail her OWN monster trucks so she doesn't have to share with her brothers.

Charleigh laughing at something!

With her presents from us, her Uncle and Aunt, and my parents.

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