Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Sixth Birthday Party

We had a small birthday party for our Elijah Luke "Sidge" at a Bowling Alley in Franklin. We did some "mini bowling", had pizza and cake, and also had a few free coins to spend in the arcade. (Not our scene at all but the kids liked it.) Here are some pictures from the festivities:

Sidge reading a book with his 3D glasses from Julie and family.

He can read his own cards now!

Discovering ...

... Money!

Scheduling a party for 1pm did NOT coordinate well with Hannah's nap schedule. But she managed to do a pretty good job.

Isaac loved the Skeetball game. We were especially excited because Aunt Katie was here for the party. She helped Isaac with his game.

Our friend Emma hit the jackpot on one of the machines -- 1800 tickets!

My friend Julie's kiddos!

Uncle Ray and Nate with the birthday boy.

The girls in attendance at the party.

And the boys! Josh and Sarah's boys: Tyler and Jordan with Isaac in the middle.

JB did the cake! Benefits of having a husband that used to be a graphic designer.

Who is our Sidge at birthday number six?

Well, he is a creative, intelligent, articulate, passionate bull in a china shop. He makes us laugh without even trying to. He gives great hugs and is starting to think kisses aren't all that wonderful. He loves his family and is constantly thinking and trying to figure out the world in which he lives. He still remains the kiddo closest to Scrubby and when he grows up he wants to be a "farmer with my Dad." 

Sidge will always be my miracle baby. While all my kiddos were extra special in different ways, finding out we were pregnant with him will always remain one of the most surreal moments of my entire life. 

Happy Birthday Sidge! We love you!!

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