Friday, February 06, 2015

Friday Funnies

Sidge went the other day for some testing. He wanted JB in the room with him. JB got a real kick out of some of the things Sidge was saying and recorded some of the conversations with the instructor. Here's some of what went down:

Instructor: "You did really good. How old are you?"
Sidge: "About six. You can just call me six."

Later, while illustrating something using his hands. Sidge: "I have really fast hands. If I move them fast they are kind of floppy."

Instructor: "That was a good job Elijah."
Sidge: (Looks at her kind of funny.)
Instructor: "Oh. That's right. You like to be called Sidge, don't you?"
Sidge: "Yes, but how did you know my name was Elijah and not Sidge?"

After being asked a tough question. Sidge: "That seems like a hard way to ask it. Don't you think they could have said it easier?"

Instructor: "Who is your mom's mom?"
Sidge: "My grandmother."
Instructor: "That is the correct answer."
Sidge: "Does everyone have a grandmother?"
Instructor: "Yes."
Sidge: "Well, not everyone."
Instructor: "I'm pretty sure everyone did at one time."
Sidge: "Not Adam and Eve?"
Instructor: "I guess you are right, Sidge."

Later that evening, I was on the phone with someone and was discussing a fertility problem. Sidge was sitting by JB at the dining room table, and I had no thought he could hear me or was listening.
Me: "Well the only way you can have that issue if you have had an STD."
Sidge: "What is an STD? Do you have STD? Does Mom have STD? Do kids get STD?"

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