Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My husband's sick and my keys are in the van

My husband constantly impresses me. For the second day in a row he went to work so incredibly sick, I am still unsure how even made it out the door. He honestly doesn't even know if there is a sick policy for the ER docs at his hospital. 

(I find this a bit ironic that doctors there to treat sick people, don't have a policy in place to be sick themselves?)

However, because he was at work, I was forced to call a locksmith when I tossed my coat on the front seat of the van with my keys in the jacket pocket while out running errands with the kiddos. I thought of calling my cousin or brother-in-law, but even if I did, they'd pick me up with a vehicle without car seats, and I would have no way to get into my house since my house key was on that same ring that was in my jacket pocket. JB works over an hour from where I was so there was no way I could just run and pick up the keys, go all the way back to where we were, and then go back to our house. 

Sigh ...

Here's to four kids and no vehicle and a husband working 4 towns over!

At least the reason I was taking off my jacket was because it was "such a beautiful day!"

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TAV said...

Our sick days come out of our paid time off (vacation days). Needless to say, due to how much I value vacation, I have never called out sick. Hope JB feels better soon!