Saturday, February 28, 2015

If you are wondering ...

... whether you should vaccinate, I encourage you to hop over to my friend Tara's blog post from a few days ago.

Tara is a doctor and one of the smartest women I know.

Her husband is a doctor as well.

They just had their first baby. She lives in California. She is about as close to a hippy as I know. (No offense intended Tara.)

And they vaccinate.

I have many, many, many friends who are physicians. And I have yet to run across a single one of them who does not vaccinate their own children. I think this is a vital piece of information and something I should share.

I continue to be confused why people who are against vaccinations still go to physicians and trust them with so many other vital decisions but do not trust them with this vital piece of information.

So if you are in debate, take a moment to view Tara's blog post.

Also, you can click here to read a past post I wrote about vaccines or click here to read Tara's past very detailed post regarding her feelings about vaccines.

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TAV said...

Not offended in the least! Thanks for the shout-out and for promoting vaccination!