Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hannah Meets Slide

I found this video above while looking through some of my blog drafts.

I have hundreds of blog drafts. Quick links I drop in a post -- waiting for a day that I have the time to write something profound.

This video is from the fall of last year -- when Hannah was just around a year old. It was a very hot day, and my little girl discovered, all by herself, what a slide was and how to go down it.

I was so proud of her. This video demonstrated how different she is from each of my previous children. She needed no prodding (like Sidge). She needed no bribery (like Isaac). She needed no one to go with her (like Abigail.)

Hannah is my last biological child. Of that I am certain. My last pregnancy was so terrible, and I am nearing 38. We know it is time to say we are done with children of my womb. If I could have started a bit younger (like I didn't try) and if my pregnancies weren't so debilitating, I think we'd like more children.

We LOVE parenthood.

We may adopt again. I cannot be sure. But even if we do, we aren't foreseeing an adoption of little children.

This means that all these memories are the last memories I will have with my children. That was the last time I would watch a child go down a slide for the first time. Each day, without realizing it, I am saying good bye to the last time of something in the lives of my kids.

I'm so proud of her. And so sad at the same time.

Finding this video reminded me that I want to strive, in all ways, at all times, to treasure every moment with my children. To take as much in as I can and be so thankful for the little moments I have.

I hope my words remind us all to do the same.

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