Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Random moments

Here is a compilation of recent moments in the recent days of our life:

Eating S'mores we made in the microwave. What a mess!

Hannah demonstrating her ability to take her arms out of shirt sleeves anytime I put her down to sleep.

The boys showing off their ability to color AND make anything but a normal face for a photo.

Sidge at his Brick4Kids lego class. They love going to this class!

Hannah's first real time out in the snow.

A shot I snagged of the new ER JB is going to be working at when we get to our new home on the farm.

Peaceful sleep.

On a date I had with Sidge.

Another snap at Brick4Kids. And more crazy faces.

A braid by cousin Briana when she came to visit.

The boys playing a game in the play room.

Mr. Jimmy at Bricks4Kids somehow convinced Abigail to be his friend in mere moments -- no small feat.

These two LOVE getting out into the snow to play together.

Abigail knocked out by a BAD stomach bug.

I have just given up -- I totally let her dress herself.

This chick just LOVES to color

I took the three older kids to see "The Elephant and the Piggie" at the Nashville Children's Theatre. We had a great time!

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