Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day Three of Snowed In

We are snowed in for the third day in a row. There isn't a ton of snow, but coupled with the ice, driving isn't really advisable.

And driving when you have to try and lug around your four small children is even less advisable. (I don't think in that case it would be the driving that would be dangerous but the managing to walk them in and out of locations that could be you-tube video worthy in possible laughter that could ensue.)

The down part of this snowed in experience (of which I never faced even while living in Minnesota for four years) is that JB had to work all three days. While most businesses are closed, I have become very aware that the Emergency Room never closes. 

We had previously decided that three days in a row for him to work is a lot no matter which way you cut it. It is 36 hours in 3 days -- which is what a full-time job is in five days. He is exhausted. And he barely gets to see the kids at all as he has to leave around 6am and doesn't get home until close to 8pm.

But when you are stuck in the house for three days in a row, not having Daddy there for three straight FULL days is even more of a bummer. The kids have played some in the backyard, but I can't really get out there with them as taking Hannah out in the slick yard is really more than I feel I can bite off. (It's one thing to help three kids get all their winter stuff on and off. But add yourself and a baby to that, and I know my limits.)

So what have we been doing for the last three days? Well our normal schoolwork. We've played a lot of board games and read a lot of books and watched some movies too. Grama K. was supposed to return from Florida on Tuesday, but she got snowed out. So it is really just me and my four kids and my big dog and a nice warm house with no ability to leave it.

I'm also training for a spring triathlon. Yesterday I had to figure out how to get a 20 minute run and 20 minute weight session in with no ability to get to the gym. I opted for the stairs in our house. 20 minutes of those will kick your tail! But I am most likely going to miss my swim session today. There's just no way to get there right now!

I really thought that I was a "lay low" gal. And I think I am. But I realized that our few little jaunts out of the house actually do make a difference for me. This week I had planned to meet my friend Stebbs and her boys in Birmingham for a day at a Science Center. We had to cancel that. Isaac's speech lesson was cancelled. Our music class was cancelled. I would have definitely made a trip to the library and grocery store. We need hair cuts. All those little things that make 14 hours of solo mom time a day a little less long.

Bring on another day of long folks.

Day three commences now!

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