Monday, February 16, 2015

Hunkered Down

Like many people across the country -- especially in the south -- we got word that a winter storm was coming our way. We watched as all the birds, obviously knowing it was coming, went crazy eating out of our bird feeder. 

On Monday morning, I got up at 5am. (This is the time I go out to train for my triathlon -- it gives me about 90 minutes before JB has to leave for work.) This particular morning, I headed outside thinking that the storm hadn't hit yet. But in fact it had. There was tons of ice that I couldn't see in the dark. Once it got light, I took this picture. This is from our front door. But because I didn't see the ice, I fell off this porch at 5 in the morning. (And thus opted to forgo my workout.) I bruised my hand, my knee, my toes, and slightly twisted my calf and knee. Sigh ...

Here is a photo of the start of the ice storm. You can see our rugs completely under ice. And that yogurt cup I threw Scrubs some food in the other day -- stuck solid.

Icy yard.

Icy bird feeder:

We got about 1/2 inch of ice, then a ton of snow, and then the ice came back again. This was the first time since our life in Minnesota that I was completely "snowed in." No way in the world to go out with all my kiddos. Most businesses were closed. Most doctors offices were closed. But my dear husband works at an ER. Translation? Not closed. Not ever. Not only did I fly solo on Monday, but this ice storm caused me to have to cancel a trip to meet my friend Stebbs halfway between our houses tomorrow. And JB will have to work tomorrow too!

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