Sunday, January 19, 2014

She's 2.5


I'm a couple of days late. That's what you get for having four kids. It is my goal to continue to do half birthdays for as long as I can. We don't celebrate them in the home, but I can celebrate them on the Blog.

As of her half birthday, Abigail is:
  • Potty-trained! Still struggling a bit with #2. But #1 is down pat!
  • in love with Grampa and Grama and Daddy and Mommy. Daddy still seems to be her favorite.
  • Able to be left with other people without nearly the tears that used to result.
  • Still not going in the nursery or Sunday School at church. She'll cry so loudly, everyone in the church can hear her.
  • Wearing size 4T clothes and 7 to 7.5 shoes.
  • Constantly saying she is "hungry." But then, she doesn't eat much when given food. Her favorite food continues to be granola bars.
  • Putting on her shoes (depending on the shoe.) She is trying to put on her other clothes.
  • Pacifier-less. It was actually last night. It had a hole in it. She decided that she was fine with just the bunny it is attached to and not the pacifier. Can't believe it was over so swiftly.
  • Sleeping in her big girl bed since we got home from Florida after Hannah was born.
  • Taking naps in either her bed or Mommy's bed. She still takes one everyday although she can skip them without the world coming to an end. She usually sleeps for about two hours. She sleeps with her tiger pillow, her pink bunny, her Minnie blanket from Uncle Ray and Aunt Gabbi, and a yellow blanket from Aunt Betsy.
  • Is talking more and more every single day. One of the funnies things she picked up from her big brothers is "What the?" She says this all the time. (They learned it from some older kids on the Polar Express). She will also use "not" instead of "no." She is putting more and more words together and now saying Elijah's name as "Hidge." She can say her name "Ah-bee-gail" and if she says her full name she said "Abi Grace."
  • IN LOVE with her little sister. If Hannah is crying, she is right there to try and comfort her, bring her things, etc.
  • Plays and interacts with her brothers all the time. She especially plays a lot with Sidge.
  • Doing puzzles like crazy! She can do 24 piece puzzles easily.
  • Pretty flexible on what she wears. Doesn't care too much. However, when it comes to shoes, I give her the choice between two pairs so she is wearing something weather-appropriate.
  • Riding her three-wheeler just like the boys did -- using her feet instead of pedals.

Abigail is our little spit-fire. She is opinionated, determined, passionate, and particular. She is absolutely adorable and makes faces and does expressions that are constantly cracking us up. Her father is completely smitten with her, and she brings the inconsistency unpredictability that we so need in our family!

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