Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Funnies

I asked Sidge to please remove the toys from under Hannah's exersaucer. "I can't Mom," he replied. "That's the Hall of Evil."


Isaac: "Mom, are you going to scuffle up the cards?" (I think he meant shuffle)


The boys have been learning to pour their own milk and cereal. Yesterday Sidge said, "We just need one spit of milk." What do you call milk as it comes out in little bursts? I don't think we have a word for it in our language.


Isaac: "My dream had a Joni in it. There was a Joni inside."


This morning for Sidge's birthday, we gave him some gifts that Grampa and Grama K. had left before they flew back to the USA. When I told him that these were from Grampa and Grama he said, "What? They dropped them from the sky?"


When JB told Sidge that he was five now, he nodded and said. "Yep. And soon I'll be ten."


While not really a Friday Funny, Abigail has started saying, "Oh my goodness ..." It is so stinkin' cute.


Kate said...

We always called the little bursts of milk a "glug" of milk. I thought everyone did!

Anonymous said...

"Hall of Evil"......the Stebbins love it!