Saturday, January 25, 2014

Military Moments: They are Home

My friend Kara's husband is deployed. He is due back any day. Recently, half of their "group" returned to America. There wasn't enough room on the plane home and so half are waiting behind ... including Kara's husband.

But she was there to welcome home half of their group. And the pictures speak a thousand words.

Here is what Kara wrote:

"180 lonely nights spent awake or sleeping on cots in caves and plywood huts and scary moments and disappointing days, Skype dates on missed birthdays and e-mails sent in lieu of anniversary cards and first milestones for these kids were missed in the name of duty. All of these subjects are superheroes and sometimes the strongest are the smallest and the spouses who don't wear the uniform. Emotions build up to their departure and grow exponentially while they are gone, but these precious moments of reunification happen so fast and in a nano-second; the deepest emotions surface from the hearts of stoic superheroes and 100,000 words that super tough guys can't always say which are written all over their faces."


Judy Woodford said...

Thanks for sharing these...

jenicini said...

Gotta love homecomings. <3 Hubby and I have done three twelve-monthers and every one of the homecomings was just awesome. :) Thanks for sharing.