Monday, January 06, 2014

Monday K.I.S.S.: Borrow it!

Today's Mom K.I.S.S.:
    Borrow it!
    Especially when it comes to parental items, I am a HUGE proponent of borrowing baby items whenever possible. Currently in my home, I have a borrowed swing and bouncy chair and a second pack-n-play. 
    I am constantly loaning out baby items to friends. I always go in with the attitude that the item may not make it back to me as it came. But if that happens, then not to worry. I can borrow it from a friend when I need it. That happened with my swing. I loaned it to someone and either before, during, or after their usage of it, it broke. I needed a swing, so I asked around and found one I could borrow. 
    I also loan out baby clothes continually. Right now, I have a friend borrowing clothes that are too  small for Abigail but too big for Hannah. I make sure I don't give anything that I would be sad if it didn't make it back or was didn't make it back looking good. And I assure people not to stress about the clothes. Kids are kids, and things may happen to them. But why should they sit in a closet while I wait for Hannah to grow into them?
    I have another friend who is borrowing some puzzles from us. They are too easy for Abigail, and Hannah obviously cannot do them. So they will be played with in the interim.
    Bumbo chairs, high chairs ... if you don't get them in your first shower or if you need them for "just one more kid", consider borrowing or loaning. It has been a huge blessing in our life on both ends!
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Fe Adamsonn said...

Well, it is better to make use of the things than just to let it in a corner. It should have served its purpose. Nice idea by the way.

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