Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Funnies

The other day, JB asked Sidge what animal he wanted to be. You know he's been hanging out with my nature-obsessed husband a bit much when he replied, "A Vietnamese Big-belly pig." (He meant potbelly of course. And I've included a picture of the aforementioned pig so that you can appreciate Sidge's response more fully.)


No matter how many times I correct him, Sidge still calls cornflakes ... cornchips. And I've decided it's too cute to correct him anymore.


Starro is a bad guy in Superhero language. While the boys were playing Superheroes the other day, Sidge took his Robin and slammed into Isaac. I asked him why he did that. He said, "I'm sorry mom, but Robin was under Starro's mind control."


Abigail is very into her Superheroes. She knows everyone's name. We especially like how she says Superman. It's "Pooperman."


Sidge was talking about the fact that he is a boy and Abigail is a girl. "When I swing on the swing at Elijah Storey's house, it hurts my penis. I wish I was a girl when I swing on the swing so that I don't have a penis."

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Anonymous said...

oh my. can't stop laughing:)
mom k