Saturday, January 25, 2014

Boy time

We've been so fortunate during our two years on the island, to always have some little boys nearby to play with. The one thing about not living on Base is, you don't have that American neighborhood like we had in Turkey. But during year one, we had the Seeliger and Clemens boys. And now, we have the Storey boys. They were back in America for the last two months. But now they have returned. We are so excited to have some good buddies to imagine with!

Four-year-old Judah

When Sidge wears this Knight helmet, it absolutely cracks me up. His head is too big for it so his poor little nose is just trapped in there.


It doesn't even look like him!

Six year old Elijah.

Riding the "pink bike." A friend was selling two girls bikes so I bought them even though I have boys. The boys could care less that they are pink.

Bike time!

Joel is the exact same age as Abigail.

My batman.


Unlike last year, when it rained for nearly four months straight this time of year, we have been able to get outside so much. Oh what some sunshine and green grass can do for your soul!

Elijah has an incredible imagination! He gets the boys playing all kinds of great games.

Our neighbors behind us had a big party last month. Some time in the bushes brought Isaac out holding this! Yikes!

Trying to get Scrubby to run so they could chase him.

I love to see Sidge belly laugh.



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