Friday, June 21, 2013

Is 27 the magic number?

Could it be that my morning sickness is ... actually ... gone? That the nausea and dry heaving and out-of-breathness has passed? I've thought it was gone before, prayed that it was gone for good, only to see it return. But this time, it has stayed gone. There haven't been really any hints of it returning. Even when I lay down, a time that usually the nausea would overrun me, it has not been present. I don't believe you can "jinx" things, but I've still been hesitant to really say out loud (or write out loud) the hopes that I have finally gotten through the "first trimester" (yeah, right!) sickness.

Google "morning sickness" and every single site will say some variation of the following: "Morning sickness (or really 'all day and all night sickness'), is one of the most common physical signs of early pregnancy. However, not all women will experience morning sickness and it is not an 'essential' physical sign you have to experience to be pregnant. Typically, morning sickness starts around 6 weeks of the pregnancy and continues until about 12 to 14 weeks of the pregnancy. However, morning sickness may start later than 6 weeks and may continue until 16 to 20 weeks of the pregnancy (and occasionally beyond)."

It says occasionally. I don't want to be in that group!

My morning sickness started closer to week 4 and as the magic number 14 came and went, I set my sights on having the sickness end by week 16. That came and went. 18. 20. 22. 24. 26. I was giving up. I had talked to women and read about women who stayed sick during their entire pregnancy. But I did not want to be one of those women! How could I be one of those women?

If you have ever had a stomach bug, something that left your stomach lurching, I am sure it sent you reeling. But to have that stomach bug for 24 weeks? Six months?! It really seems to much to ask of anyone!

Well, now, at 28 weeks pregnant, the nausea appears to have left. For good? I am hoping. I can also sleep now without Ambien which means I can nap too!

JB kept telling me that the "down-ness" I felt was due to the sickness. That as I felt better, my mood would lift. Boy was he right! I am honestly a new woman. I'm getting chatty again. I'm wanting to do things again. I'm feeling like Wendi again.

I went in today for a repeat 20-week ultrasound since we couldn't get a clear picture of baby girl's spine on the previous one. I am 28 weeks. She is measuring at 30.5 weeks. She is riding very low with her head down (and pressed firmly against my bladder.) In fact, the tech estimated she is weighing nearly 3.5 pounds at this point. (She was concerned about gestational diabetes because the baby was so big but that test, administered today, came back negative.)

No matter what, I am praising the Lord for the good week I just had. I am praising Him for the ability to sleep. I am praising Him for the ability to eat. I am praising Him for the obviously healthy baby (she moves like crazy nearly non-stop!) I am praising Him that I am able to enjoy her more now. That I am able to enjoy my other three children more. That my husband and I are able to reconnect and conversate more readily. That my mood has lifted.

Some women are able to keep better perspective then me. Of that I have no doubt. I do think that the length of time I was struggling and the fact that my mood was effected early on by the IVF drugs compounded my issues.

Either way, I am celebrating how I am feeling now and just praying it continues. Getting very excited to meet this little lady in just about 10 weeks!


Nancy, Jeremy, and Jack said...

happy for you Wendi!

Lucy said...

I'm so happy that you are starting to finally feel better, I hope it continues and the rest of your refinance is trouble free, all the best to you xx

Lucy said...

Pregnancy... Not refinance! Predictive text, love it x

Connie Huizenga said...

how awesome for you all