Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Funnies

Not really a "Friday Funny" but Sidge told me this morning, "Whatever is not moving is stronger than the wind." Pretty insightful (in my mom-opinion.)
Isaac: "Mama, in heaven can we play with superheroes?"
Me: "Of course."
Isaac: "Do they every kind of superhero that we would like?"
Me: "I'm sure they would."
Isaac: "Yesssss!"
Sidge: "I got really sick in the Azores once."
Me: "Yes you did."
Sidge: "And I threw up in the toilet."
Me: "I remember."
Sidge: "That was gus-gusting."
Sidge: "I'd like some cereal."
Me: "You've had two waffles and a granola bar. You can a banana or an apple if you are still hungry."
Isaac: "Or you could eat hay."

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