Saturday, June 15, 2013

To my husband on Father's Day

1993. Once upon a time, he asked me to homecoming ...

1994. And I talked him into falling in love with me.
2008. And after many more years than we would have chosen ourselves, we adopted our little Isaac.

2009. And were utterly shocked by the arrival of our Elijah "Sidge."

2009. Two boys in just under nine months, while in residency. And he didn't miss a beat.

2011. Nor did he appear overwhelmed, in the slightest, when Abigail made three.

2012. Life took us from South Florida to Kentucky to Minnesota to Northern Florida to Turkey to the Azores. It brought us each other and three (almost four kids) and a big dog.

There is no question, whatsoever, that my JB is the "glue" of our family. While I have been hormonal and overwhelmed and freaked out by the direction our life has gone, he is steady and confident and amazing ... always. He loves his children so incredibly much. They are the only thing that ever make him tear up. He is hands-on, devoted, committed and steadfast. He loves the Lord, his wife, and his children, without hesitation.

I love you JB. Happy Father's Day to my best friend. In just a few days we will celebrate fifteen years of marriage. We've been together nineteen years. I'd do it all again. Any day. I love you.

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TAV said...

He sure is a keeper!! Happy Fathers' Day, JB!