Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday Funnies

Sidge: "I want to have a sleepover."
Me: "You do?"
Sidge: "Yeah. Um Mommy, what's a sleepover?"
Me: "Well where did you learn about it then?"
Sidge: "In a book!"
Sidge: "Why do girls have long nails and boys have short nails. Is that a wule (rule?)" 
Sidge: "Mommy, gravity messes stuff up."
The other "funnies" this week all seemed to surround superheroes. The boys are infatuated  with superheroes. The only TV show they have seen is The Superfriends on video a few times but their friends Jackson and Max loved superheroes and introduced them to the concept and now, they just are obsessed with them.

Joni brought them some of the little superhero figurines. They play with these constantly. One of their favorites is Wonder Woman! They talk about girls not having Barbie dolls because of the "image" they portray, and I have to wonder if Wonder Woman might not be another version of Barbie. Sidge actually said to JB, "Wonder Woman's leg is my favorite part of her." Hmmm ....

In addition, Sidge loves The Flash. He runs around the room and will say, "I'm almost as fast as Flash. You could probably barely see me, huh?"

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