Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

My Dad. I could never pick another Dad more perfect for me! And as good a dad as he was, he's an even better Papa! I found a few fun photos of my Dad to share:

Our family. By the time my Dad was my age (36), he had a 12 year old! Yikes!
My Dad started coaching me in youth softball and would be my coach in many sports for years to come.

This was in 1995. I was the player of the year for the Miami Herald newspaper and my Dad was the Coach of the Year at the same time.
Thank you Dad for instilling in me my faith. Thank you for being so much fun. (I have funny memories of you telling me you were ready for church in only your t-shirt, shorts, and black socks.) Thank you for always caring not how good I was but how well I tried. Thank you for loving me.

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Papa Coach! said...

I Love you Wen! Never have I been more proud to be your Dad!