Thursday, June 06, 2013

Connie Prepares for USA Return

Our Aunt Connie will return to the USA early next week. While we are sad to see her go, we always knew she would only stay for a period of time and that her home was back in America. We are excited for how the Lord is paving the way for her return! Man can you see the Lord's presence in the small ways he opens doors! We are so blessed that she got to spend these months with us. God knew that we could really use an extra person around these parts for this exact time. He also knew that she'd be leaving at this exact time.
 Connie has met a lot of other great people during her time on the island. Last night we met at The Mill a very "cool" restaurant nestled into the Azorean homes lining the street. Here are some pictures from our time together.
If you look very closely, you can see Carla sticking her tongue out at the end of this beautiful table.

Our friend Mianna studying the menu. I love this picture!
A pretty picture of Lindsey.

Susan -- a beautiful southern gal.

Kimberly -- an English gal getting ready to PCS (military move) back to her home country.

Sweet Carla. Oh how I will miss her when she leaves this summer.
Two beautiful Christian gals -- Claire and Sonia. Sonia is preparing to PCS to Hawaii with Carla.

We have been stationed with Kristy (and new baby Liam) in Florida, Turkey, and now the Azores. They are getting out of the military and moving to New Orleans in just two months. What a blessing her support has been in my life.


Carla with another friend -- Sarah -- whose husband is currently deployed.

Kimberly with Etleva.

Connie and Mianna being silly.

Our group -- all there to say good bye to Aunt Connie.

Connie with Mianna -- a hard person to say good bye to.

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