Monday, June 17, 2013

Strawberry cake

We tried this "Egg Replacer" at our Commissary to make some strawberry cake. Isaac is still showing signs of this allergy, and therefore, he can't really eat baked goods at all. He wanted to make some cake, and when I saw this item in our tiny Commissary, I thought it was too good to pass up. So try it we did. The cake was pretty good. JB (our foody) said he could tell the difference, but I couldn't. Yum!


Beth said...

Another egg replacer is ground flax seed mixed with water. I can't remember the quantities off the top of my head...but if you search online you should find it pretty easily. Maybe your goodie will like it better!

June said...

I thought of flax, too. Also chia seeds in water! Pretend it's a poppy seed strawberry cake. :)

Kristen DS said...

We use this all the time with Lillian's egg allergy!! It's fabulous and I have gotten better with time at using it. The closer to when something goes in the oven that it's added helps a lot and it doesn't work very well with doughs that need to be chilled.... Cakes have been tricky for me in the past. We usually stick with wacky cake if I NEED it to turn out and egg free :). Anyway- keep using it- we love it at our house!