Friday, June 14, 2013

Things that make you smile

Folks, our Commissary here is, well, frustrating, to say the least. There are so few choices already, and they seem to be out of something all the time. The Base downsizing has magnified that issue. For awhile, they stopped carrying any sort of wipes (except the little disposable, cheapy wipes that all of us know to avoid.) They were completely out of size 5 diapers for months (except the cheapy diapers that all of us know to avoid.) Our grocery store is only about 10 aisles big already so remove items from that, and it can be a little ... frustrating.

But during today's visit, some good news was to be found:

All natural jelly.  I bought five jars because JB limited me. But truthfully, I wanted to clean out the shelf! (Food hoarders are not looked upon kindly in these parts.)

Another thing that is often hard to come by -- ripe bananas. They will often have VERY green bananas that you buy, thinking they'll turn yellow, and a month later, no joke, they are still green. But today, we got some! Yipeee!!!

We haven't tried these yet so the jury is still out on whether or not these strawberries will make the grade. But at least they even LOOK semi-eatable!


TAV said...

So those bananas are good forever???

denise said...

I think if you put bananas in a brown paper bag that they ripen faster.

Patty PB said...

I feel you my friend...although I bet you now remember this commissary as 'target-like'...
Now all freezers are broken, so there has been no meat or dairy for 2 weeks. yeehaw... :/
hang in there! love ya!
(btw, try the banana in the paper bag trick, but place them inside the (cold) oven overnight...that might help! :)