Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I've decided ...

.... that having a living room upstairs, is quite a bit different than the way Americans "usually" live. Has anyone else had an experience where your living quarters (where you "hang out") is upstairs from your kitchen? Anything we need, I have to go downstairs for it. We do have a secondary hang out room downstairs. But it is a sun room and so right now, while the weather is in the 60's (yes! that is winter here!) it can get quite cold.

I know I am feeling more and more like myself when I feel like blogging! Watch out cyber world!

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Kiley said...

We too had a living room upstairs where our tv was. The kids toys too. It was a room in between the two bedrooms in our house. But because our family has grown since moving here 7 years ago. We have had to use the living room as a bedroom so everything went downstairs.

We are hoping with our new housing hunting adventure to have another "living room" upstairs of our new house too