Friday, January 04, 2013

Friday Funnies

JB used the word supervise. He said, "It looks like Abigail is just standing around to supervise."
Sidge: "Is Supervise a superhero?"
JB: "No."
Sidge: "Is he an enemy?"
While eating his peanut butter and jelly in the restaurant in Baltimore, Isaac said: "This peanut butter and jelly looks like a magnatile." Guess he'd never seen them cut in triangles.
We were practicing our Bible verse, Under His wings you will find refuge.
Isaac: "I didn't know Jesus had wings."
Me: "Well he doesn't." (At this point I started trying to think of how to explain a metaphor to a four-year-old.) "He doesn't have wings. He has big arms that take care of us."
Isaac: "Well no one has told me anthing about this."
There is a treehouse in the JB's parents front yard. The boys were up there playing with their cousin Nate. They were pretending the treehouse was a pirate ship. Suddenly, Nate went flying out of one of the "windows." His dad went to lecture him and ask him why he jumped. Nate looked up and said, "Sidge and Isaac made me walk the plank."

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Beth said...

Classic cousin play, I love it!