Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Funnies

Isaac: "Why do we have to go pee pee so much?"
Isaac: "I'm going to marry Ms. Carla."
Sidge: (while playing with his little people) "This is a wedding cake to enjoy."
Isaac: "Do you have to eat a lot of food for the baby? How does the baby get food? Is the doctor going to cut this baby out too?"
Isaac: "Where are Jonah and Noah?'
Me: "They are visiting America."
Isaac: "There are mosquitoes in America." (He got bit by quite a few while we were there.)
Aunt Connie: "I'll be back in a flash." (Leaves to go get her coffee.)
Sidge: (A few minutes later.) "Aunt Connie was not back in a flash."
We have one cape in our house -- borrowed from our friends Max and Jackson. Sidge put it on one morning. Isaac wanted it. Suddenly I heard Sidge say, "Mom, can you take this off? I'm going to give it to Isaac. I'm just going to have a magic pretend cape." Guess who talked him into that?
Sidge: "Mommy I have to tell you something very important. I love you."
Isaac: "That's not important. That's sweet."

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Anonymous said...

Melt my heart with the "I love you" from Sidge.