Sunday, November 04, 2012

Turkish Culture

Getting ready to PCS (move) to Turkey? Or just want to learn more about this fabulous country? Here are some blog posts I did on learning to live in Turkey as a 6'3" blonde American woman. Our family called Incirlik Air Force Base home from 2010-2012. If you are planning on moving there, get ready for the adventure of your life! Here are some posts to give you a sneak peek into life in the Middle East.

Turkish skirts (Part I)
Turkish skirts (Part II)
Fast Food (Part I)
Fast Food (Part II)
Language errors (blueberries)
Language errors (McDonalds)
Why the Turks beep their horns so much

Here is a GREAT video and here is another that tells what Turkey is like in just three minutes. A MUST WATCH!

Heading to Incirlik Air Base? Click here for a post on the details of the Base life. 

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