Monday, November 05, 2012

As our life turns

I am amazed at how well our boys with share nearly everything with their little sister. (Although we quickly realized that Isaac was willing to share this ice cream cone until he got to layer two -- which was strawberry.)

 There are so many rainbows to look at here! The weather is a bit cooler (60's) and a bit rainy, but otherwise, still providing us with ample opportunity to get ouside.
 The biggest change in parenting two nearly four year olds? Independent play. They can really entertain themselves for extended periods of time.Especially when cars (and things that serve as roads and houses for their cars) are involved.
My parents got this bike for Isaac before he was near big enough to ride it. The boys can now ride it well. And today, Abigail took it over!
 Our little lady with her "My Best Friend" t-shirt featuring a Dalmatian.
I want to present the real me to the world. This, is the real me. I even had the courage to wear this around the block to throw away our recycyling. When in Rome, right?


TAV said...

LOVE THE GETUP! It's the real me, too :)

Anonymous said...

Wendi, we need to have a serious talk.


David and Lesley said...

Too awesome! Made my day. :).