Thursday, November 29, 2012

The High Calling

I was recently offered the oppotunity to review an online newsletter:, an online magazine and community founded on the belief that God cares about our daily work. I browsed many of their articles, but especially found myself drawn to article on change. (You can read the text of the article by clicking here.) "Let's face it: change is difficult," author Jason Scott begins. "Few of us relish the idea of being thrust into brand-new situations, relationships, or jobs. Yet change is as constant as death and taxes."

What I really love about the series of these articles is that they meet you where you are at. A network of 1,500 Christian bloggers provide you with encouragement, advice, and resources all with a faith-based background. You can choose to receive daily or weekly emails and then browse headline of articles, visiting for a more indepth read those pieces that particularly sound like they would minister to you.

Honoring God in our daily work is much more than mere evangelism. Our work itself should be a testimony to our creator. That is why sites like this are a great encouragement -- a  reminder to remember the high calling of our daily work. I know that I am constantly looking for little bits of faith and encouragement throughout my day. I hope this resource might be something that you too find uplifting.

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