Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday Party

Yesterday was a joint birthday party for Moriah and Chloe. It's a busy time of the year so Joia and Andrea decided to have the girls' party together. What a fantastic idea! It was a beautiful day with a perfect temperature and not too much wind. We had a wonderful time! Here are some photos of the day.

Birthday cakes. Joia is so talented.

The birthday girls. Chloe (Erik and Andrea's daughter who just turned one) and Moriah (Philip and Joia's little gal who will turn one next month.)

All the men hanging out by the water.

Moriah was under the weather so she was banned to her own pack-n-play. Elijah and Chloe shared the other.
"Now Chloe, I really think this would make a lovely earring for you." (Shortley after this he removed the bow from her head.)

"Okay Chloe. Now let's go over this again. When I say you share the cheerios, you say 'Okay'."
The four big brothers eating together. Jonathan (Chloe's big brother), William (Reagan), Keenan (Moriah), and Isaac (Elijah)

Tiffany and Matt's four week old Reagan.

Matt, Tiff, William, and Reagan
Isaac eating a chip.

Erik, Andrea, Jonathan and Chloe

"Really guys. What did I do that was so bad?!"

The birthday girls with their moms.

This face is why I love Elijah so much. He's such a goof, and I just love it!


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Awesome idea! That Joia is AMAZING! Crazy pic of your "little guy"! They are both so big!

yuan family said...

Those cakes are amazing!