Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well as I mentioned in my post yesterday, Keenan went home to his Dad and Mom last night. What a fantastic five days we had with him. It was a bit more hectic and a bit more busy. But there was also a bit more of fun and hugs to go along with that. I am so glad that our friends trusted us enough to watch their little guy for four nights!

With Keenan departed and company preparing to come in, it was time to really get some things done around the house. We didn't plan such a packed day, but one thing lead to another and before we know it, we had clobbered today with chores galore.

Some of the things we accomplished today (in no particular order) included:
  • Cleaned out backporch (W)
  • Majorly mopped kitchen floor (JB)
  • Organized bins under my bed (W)
  • Hair cuts for boys (JB)
  • Baths for boys (W)
  • Bath for Scrubs (JB)
  • Thanksgiving shopping (JB)
  • Vacuumed (JB)
  • Cleaned front window (JB)
  • Nap (W)
  • Cleaned boys' closets (W)
  • Cleaned big hall closet (W)
  • Cleaned kitchen (W)
  • Cleaned top of Scrubs' kennel (W)

All righty. Time to see what my little guys are up to in their new, shared room. Although, to be honest, we haven't moved Elijah in there for their joint nap in the afternoon yet being as Isaac sleeps about twice as long as Elijah does. But we are making progress. Pray tonight goes just as smoothly.

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Brittny said...

wow!!! you had a full day! i bet you are tired, but feel great to have all of that accomplished!