Friday, September 28, 2007

So ... this is what it is like

I am enjoying having a husband who works a regular 40 hour a week job.

John has finally hit upon a lighter rotation -- orthopedics. In fact, he will spend the next 6 weeks on this and two other lighter rotations.

It is, honeslty, quite strange. We get up in the morning and have breakfast together. He then leaves well after the sun has come up -- around 7:00 or so.

Then, to make things even better, he is usually home before 5:00 in the afternoon! How wonderful is this?

Yesterday we drove to the horse stalls here with Scrubs and Matt in Matt's truck. (I asked Matt if he minded Scrubs shedding in his truck. Matt looked at me like I was crazy. "Hence the reason I have a truck," he said. "We are about to fill it with manuer!" Oh yeah, right. Okay. So a little bit of dog hair or slobber isn't a big deal.)

While Matt and JB filled the truck with horse crapola so that they could use this for their lawns (Matt is on a lighter rotation too), Scrubs and I walked around. He loved all the horse smells. As for seeing the horses, both Scrubs and the horses seemed to tolerate each other. There was no barking or neighing -- just lots of curious stares and ignoring going on.

When we got back home, JB made an amazing dinner (pictured below). Photos don't ever do JB's food justice, but take my word for it. It was delicious and uber-healthy! (Yes, I know uber isn't a real word. But it just fit there, okay?)

I'm not exactly sure what we ate, but it was some sort of Mediterranean salad with strawberries and grilled chicken and then some sort of fruit dessert with grapes and canteloupe and honey. (JB ate the tomatoes with cheese -- no thanks for me.)

While John cooked, I went on a quick walk with another neighborhood friend Heather. She has two labs and a son, Sam. The two of us plan on doing some dog babysitting for each other. Afterwards, John and I watched Survivor and Prison Break online (since we missed it on Monday.) We had a wonderful evening!


TAV said...

I need some good-ol' JB cooking!
Except oh wait! I can't fit into my pants!!

Anonymous said...

John - see you shoulda done ortho! It's the life.