Monday, December 04, 2006

What was I thinking?

It is, and I kid you not, 12:21 on a school night! What the heck am I doing at my blog? I am trying, anything, to work off the caffeine I consumed this evening.

Let me back up. Tonight, errrr, make that last night, was the familiy medicine dinner. It was supposed to be held at Preston's. Very Lesley-posh-like. Unfortunately, at the last minute, we got a call that due to the number in attendance (around 14) it had to be moved to a larger restaurant. Victorias.

I was actually quite dissapointed. We go to Victoria's quite regularly. I was really excited about trying Preston's. But, we weren't paying for the dinner so how can we complain?

As soon as we got to the dinner, I found myself nursing quite a doozy of a headache. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring anything to take, and the other person I knew there -- Summer, didn't have anything either. So I ran to the corner drugstore (through negative degree weather) and grabbed some Excedrin. They had Tylenol as well but due to the Tylenol-dependency I encountered, try to avoid that when possible. Excedrin does have a bit of Tylenol in it but not as much as straight-Tylenol. Like you all care. Sorry. Back to the story.

Don't forget that Excedrin has caffeine when I tell you that I also had 2 cokes to try to ease the headache and some chocolate cake. Okay, so the cake really wasn't thinking about the headache. It was thinking about being a 5 layer chocolate cake. All this at a dinner that started at 7:30 and didn't end until 10:00. What the HECK was I thinking? This coming from a girl who, besides the occasional chocolate-fix, avoids caffeine altogether to help aid her tendency toward insomnia-related-issues. Not only did I consume one item with caffeine, I consumed THREE!

So it is now 12:26, and I am sitting at my computer, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, knowing I head to work at 8am. I am also going to be working a full day at Mayo and going to lunch with a friend, completely shutting out a possibility of a nap before starting up on RLS work.

Oh well. 12:27. Gonna try to fall asleep again. What the HECK was I thinking?!

I'll post again tomorrow. Errrr, make that day. Night folks.


Anonymous said...

that's the point wen, you WEREN't thinking :)!
xo J

Anonymous said...

You can become dependent on Tylenol?? Silly me, here all this time I thought it was the codeine. Hmmph. Man, I better start laying off. I actually detest Tylenol. I detest Excederin, too. I detest aspirin the most....I hate that taste it leaves in my mouth. Actually, come to think of it, I don't relly like any pills. You know what I do like? That Amoxicillin liquid in bubble gum flavor. Yummo!

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Actually, dependence is the wrong words. You can get "withdrawl" headaches if you are "depending" on tylenol too much ... my dependcy was actually codeine so technically, you are right, but I will still get headaches from not having tylenol after a period of migraines.