Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Doctors, sister-in-laws, pizza, eggs, and volleyball

Well if you notice the title of my blog you will see that this blog is coming in a few parts, completely unrelated. So here they are, in no particular order.

Yesterday I went to meet with my doctor about my headaches. JB was unable to come with me although he was one floor above me seeing patients. He did give me questions and comments for the doctor to try to help guide things along.

My doctor isn't exactly sure why my headaches have continued despite going off all hormone medicines. Her basic deduction is that I have a headache 24-7. That headache waxes and wanes, but it never completely goes away and sometimes reaches migraine status. However, because we are about to do IVF again, we have to be careful because there are very few migraine medications that are safe during pregnancy.

She decided to put me on Imitrex (sp?) at least until July 3rd when I will meet with a neurologist. She wanted me to go get a ct-scan, however, I asked her if I could wait and meet with the neurologist first. I told her I am just all tested-out. I had a ct-scan in 2003 and just don't feel like doing it again (or paying for it again). She agreed with that deduction. The main reason for going to the neurologist is to see if we can figure out a way to combat these migraines while attempting to get pregnant. Codeine is really the only medication safe for pregnancy, however, I may have started to develop a tolerance to codeine. Imitrix is not safe during pregnancy, however, I can at least take it for a month or two. The doctor would prefer that I did not find relief for a two month time span only to face it again when the IVF meds start up and the hormone medicines start up again.

JB picked up my Imitrix today. I am supposed to take it every time I feel a migraine coming on. However, it is $5 a pill! John regretted telling me right away. How am I supposed to just "take one" when it is $5 for every stinkin' pill? Oh well. We'll get through this. My gonal shots for IVF and IUIs were $45 per every unit of 75. So I guess this isn't too bad.

If you missed it, AD, my soon-to-be sister-in-law posted a reply to my post the other day. I was actually pretty happy with how well I did with the "Facts about AD". Here was her comment in case you missed it:

Thanks for the nice write up, now I have some ideas for our engagement announcement. You were right about most things. I am 5'8" and 26 years old. Keith is 9 months older. I was a softball catcher and majored in Sociology at Stetson. I am 10 credits away from earning my Master's in Public Administration. Not sure what I will do with it? And we would definitely be friends if we lived a little closer, I've always wanted a sister. Keith wanted me to write "older sister"Chicago has been great, lots of sleeping and meeting Trinity people. We are off to the Museum of Science & Industry. I am looking forward to meeting the Huisman clan on Saturday and showing off the most beautiful ring I've ever seen.

I wish AD luck as she meets the Huismans. I hope they don't tear her to shreds! Just kidding. However, I did realize that neither AD nor myself have a sister. I do have three sister-in-laws but I am excited to have a "sister" on the Huisman side. How fun!

Okay, onto word three from the title: pizza. Today, I met my friend Stephanie for lunch at Bilottis -- a cute Italian place downtown. Stephanie is getting ready to do IVF in August. We enjoyed talking about the journey and sharing ideas and comments. I was also blessed because this is really the first time I have actually talked about our failed IVF in intimate details, and I was proud of myself. I am excited for Stephanie, and we are both excited that maybe we could be pregnant right around the same time!

All right, so I have talked about the doctors, I have talked about my sister-in-laws, and I have talked about pizza. Now I must mention "eggs".

I mention eggs because our bird laid one.

Let me rewrite that sentence: our boy bird laid an egg.

Now obviously, Twain, is not a boy. However, when we bought Twain to keep our now deceased bird Chaucer (rest her soul) company, we were told that Twain was a boy by the woman who sold him/her to us.

That woman lied!

I thought it earlier but now I know it.

Now if you remember, I posted about my idea that our birds had an identity gender crisis in an earlier blog back in January: Gender Identity: Our Confused Birds. I suspected that our birds may not be the sex that we believed they were due to some kinky activities that I observed in the cage when they didn't think anyone was looking.

However, yesterday, our supposed boy bird LAID AN EGG. This means that, for sure now, Twain is a girl.

Now one question remains: is Monet, the bird that has always been sexless, a boy? We don't know. Twain-ette can lay eggs without them being fertilized, however it appears that Monet is doing (his?) share of fertilizing.

If baby birds emerge, then we will know.

Our office manager at RLSF asked me to play co-ed outdoor volleyball as they were short a girl. I haven't been able to do any major exercise in a few months so this was something very new for me. John and I rode our bikes to the park, about a thirty minute ride, played volleyball, and then rode back home. It was wonderful to be outside in gorgeous weather even though I got filthy.

Okay, so that's all I have. See you tomorrow!

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